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Asphalt Spraying/Sealcoating

We always make sure to use a water-based sealer to provide you with a matte black, safe, limited odor, and pristine sealing.  In addition, acrylic-based sealers have a much lower environmental effect than oil-based sealers since they do not contain a large amount of VOC's.

Asphalt Repair And Crack Filling


We are prepared to fill any cracks and holes no matter the size.  We start by blowing away any debris.  We continue by removing all the weeds and blowing any debris out of the way again.  For holes, we'll drop some cold patch and for cracks, we'll use our specialized water-based crack sealer.

Parking Lines


We use a dedicated paint striping machine in order to provide you with accurate and clean parking lines.

Powerwashing Services


Whether you want to power wash your interlocking brick, concrete, or stone driveway or you need to power wash the siding on your house we'll do it.

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